About ENITLAB Ltd.

Our mission is to always recommend the best available solution to our customers, considering their wishes and possibilities, supporting them in the smooth development of their activities. Our clientele is primarily small and medium-sized enterprises, as we offer them products and services at a large company level, but at affordable prices.

Our portfolio


Our portfolio of IT services ranges from consulting and planning to the implementation of complex projects. Our expert colleagues/partners with several years of multinational experience and special certifications (ITIL, MCSA, etc.) guarantee high-quality, reliable work.

Why US?


We are an energetic team, the essence of our being is the challenge. Preparation of feasibility studies, system design, development, project management, or even education is not an obstacle for us. For these tasks, we always work with the most suitable experts and partners for the size of the project, coordinating and managing their work as well. With our conscientious work, we ensure high quality, thereby increasing the chance of a successful project closing.


Sit back and entrust us with the coordination and management of your projects throughout the entire life cycle of the task.



Contact us with confidence, we are sure you have some good advice for the development and efficient operation of your business as well!


András Cseri